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One more thing for her to fuck up.

Courtney Love is pregnant with the child of British comedian and star of Alan Partridge Steve Coogan, it has been reported.

The former Hole singer and widow of Kurt Cobain has told the News Of The World she discovered that she was expecting the baby three days ago through a home pregnancy kit.

She told the paper: ?Yes, I am pregnant with Steve?s baby, but I?d rather not talk about our relationship.?

An unnamed friend close to Love said the baby had been conceived during a two-week fling while she and Coogan stayed at the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood.

"She hasn?t made any decisions about whether she should keep the baby or not," the source added.

The timing could scarcely be worse for Love, who is currently undergoing a 28-day drug treatment program following an appearance in court on Friday after admitting using drugs on probation.

She is currently on probation on three separate drug and assault cases and will be sentenced for the violations on 16 September.

Love already has a child, 11 year-old Frances Bean, from her marriage to Cobain.

Dad-of-one Coogan, 39, was treated for sex addiction in 1996 and has also sought help for drink and drugs.

His marriage to Caroline Hickman ended last month when she divorced him on grounds of unreasonable behaviour.

They married in December 2002, but split after his flings with lap-dancers.

Coogan's representative dismissed the claim by Love.

AdvertisementAdvertisementUK tabloid The Sun quotes a spokesman for the comic as saying: ?He is astonished by this. It?s ridiculous.?

Meanwhile, The Mirror reports Coogan's family were stunned by the news.

His brother Martin, lead singer with 90s band The Mock Turtles, said: "I had no idea."

His parents Anthony and Kathleen, both lay preachers, are understood to be deeply concerned.

One source claimed: "They are a very religious family and are horrified Courtney Love is expecting their grandchild.

"Courtney and Steve hadn't been seeing each other very long at all and she has a terrible reputation.

"Let's face it, she's hardly daughter-in-law material, is she?"
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